The most Comfortable Cycling Saddles

Sergio has a Selle An-Atomica mens saddle & I use the Brooks B-17 S Standard ladies saddle for our touring. 
We chose these two because they are apparently the ‘very best’ of touring cycling saddles.

It took about a month for Sertx to get used to his saddle. His bottom was numb & swollen in pain for the first 2 days - yet we cycled 100km long days. Nevertheless, he reckons he got used to it quickly. He still felt pain in the soft bits after 1000km, so he tensioned/increased the bolt in the front part of the saddle, which alleviated the pressure. Sertx also turned the angle of the saddle towards the left as his left leg is shorter than his right; this actually worked, reducing the discomfort he felt in his upper thigh. Sertx knew about the adjustments one could make to the saddle after reading the saddle adjustment instructions. After 5000km on this saddle Sertx is riding comfortably even without padded pants or chamois creme.

The B-17 S Standard Brooks saddle fitted me from day one. I wear super duper H FI.Lady S5 Assos polyamide, padded pants and find the saddle great to ride 100km long distances with; however, if riding just a short distance without padded pants I feel my bones pushing into the hard leather, which is not really that comfortable. I spent some time adjusting the tilt of the saddle – notch by notch until it felt in the right place for me (other female cyclists have sat on my bike & told me it's really uncomfortable for them - so the saddle really only fits & works to your bum). We have met many touring cyclists with Brooks saddles who don't wear padded pants anymore, yet I guess it will take me more 10,000km until I can ride without padded pants, as I'm still slapping on chamois creme before each ride & skin repair gel after each ride. Overall it is a great saddle for 80km cycling days!

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