Exustar Sandals for cycle touring

We meet touring cyclists every day on our travels, yet we haven't met anyone wearing SPD sandals yet, so we thought we'd give a review of our special sandals. Both Sertx and I use these Exustar sandals with inset SPD clips:

I have the E-SS502 model (left pair in image above) & Sertx has the E-SS503 model. They are fantastic for cycling use in hot and/or rainy weather & overall very comfortable to wear.

We both ordered two sizes just to see which one fit better and ended up getting a size bigger than our usual shoe size. (I am size 40 but got size 41/42 sandals; Sertx is normally size 42 & got size 43/44 sandals).
Both models have adjustable velcro heel-straps; in addition the E-SS503 model has a full length neoprene inner lining under 3 adjustable top-straps; and the E-SS502 model only has 2 adjustable top-straps with a shorter neoprene lining. Sertx has to use the back strap to get in & out of his, whilst I can use either the top strap or the back strap. Both sandals also have protective toe guards, which we find great against sand & gravel; however, the occasional stone still jumps in..
The E-SS502 model has a very bumpy footsole-surface which takes some getting used to. The only problem with this is that dirt gets stuck in between the bumps & is tricky to clean out.

We have also used the sandals for a 4 hour hike off the bike; I discovered that the E-SS502 pair rub against my ankles, so I now wear socks with mine when not on the bike (but this is no problem because I'm a German.) The sandals also make loud crunching noises when walking on gravel which is on a harder/concrete ground.

At the moment we are only carrying & wearing these cycling shoes, yet we are going to change into closed cycling shoes once we reach China. Just for additional information: the E-SS502 pair weigh 995grams and the E-SS503, 1kg, which is not any different to the weight of a pair of closed SPD cycling shoes.

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  1. Excellent information thanks. My (lady) partner is looking for some spd footwear which do not look like football boots. She is Scottish and prefers to wear sandal type shoes most of the year with no socks when on the cycle. We are going to Dresden by train in August and cycling across Germany to get home on a tandem. And quite excited about this trip. Good luck with your journey and may you not suffer too many punctures.