We have started our southeast Asian cycle trip!!

We are cycling up the West coast of Malaysia from Port Dickson to Thailand, currently at a rate of 90km per day and 20km per hour, in a very humid & hot environment. We are both already sunkissed red in the face & covered in mosquito bites at our ankles! Thankfully my new gel-handlebars perform superbly & I have no aches or pains. Unfortunately this is not the case for Sergio... -  as I bought him a new Selle An-atomica saddle just before we left the UK & so he is slowly getting more comfortable on it during our long day trips, together with lots of Assos chamois creme & skin repair gel!
Check out our Photo page & Timeline for the latest stories from the cycle journey.

As well as carrying around 6kg per pannier, we are also taking a reminder of our dogs, Coco & Kali, on the ride with us:

... and this is them, snug as a bug at home at the moment:


  1. Anonymous17/1/12 19:58

    just checked the pics on Flickr! Looks like you guys are thoroughly enjoying yourselves! have been thinking of you!
    Enjoy the nice warm temperatures and hope it doens't make cycling too difficult!

    big hug, ellen

  2. Cecile B.K.23/1/12 21:52

    hi Guys, I envy you so much, your pics remind me my last holidays, I should have told you about the nice beaches! If it's not too late in Langkawi stop at the beach on road 111 top north of the island after the 4 seasons resort ;)Good luck and keep us posted with nice pictures !
    Cécile xx